Mission Statement

The Community Energy Fund of Lincoln County (CEF) has been formed to help those in need in our community who do not necessarily qualify for state or federal heating assistance programs. The fund is primarily used to help provide fuel -- whether it is oil, kerosene, electricity, propane or wood.

The Fund (CEF) may also be used to help families who encounter an unexpected emergency that has more significance than the need for energy assistance alone. Critical financial hardships arise from time to time due to life’s circumstances (i.e. illness, surgery, loss of job, or other related emergencies), and the Fund may be used in special cases to address such needs on a selective, one-time basis.

Donations can be unrestricted,  and thus used for anyone in need, or restricted, and directed to an individual(s) identified by the donor (employees, neighbors, coworkers, etc.), or to a specific town. 

CEF is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. One hundred percent (100%) of all donations are used for charitable purposes: all administrative functions are voluntary and requisite overhead and all related costs are covered by the continuing generosity of the community.