—CC Image courtesy of Greg Gjerdingen on Flickr

A decade ago in Damariscotta, several friends gathered at a local pub for food and conversation. In the course of the evening, the talk turned to anecdotes and current stories about individuals with difficulty in addressing everyday needs during the harsh winters, and subsequently they became focused on how the community as a whole was likewise affected. They understood the pulse of the coastal communities and further understood that for many, temporary financial hardship was – and is – a fact of life. A harsh way of life.

And they decided to do something to alleviate some of the need.

After reviewing the many issues and possibilities for ways to help, they determined that it was impossible to provide general unrestricted funds -- the needs were simply too numerous and varied, and it would take enormous energy to vet the myriad of requests and to respond to each appropriately.

CEF Officers

Todd Maurer President. Mr. Maurer is President of Maurer and Partners Corp. This company owns and operates a restaurant and a full service catering operation in Lincoln County.  

Charlie Ault Treasurer. Mr. Ault is a Certified Financial Planner, Credit Counselor, and Bank Financial Consultant.

Robert Clifford Secretary. Mr. Clifford is President of Colby & Gale, Inc. ( A fuel oil distributor located in Lincoln County.)  He is a volunteer for organizations such as The Lions Club, a past director with the Maine Energy Marketers Association and an Honorary Trustee at Lincoln Academy High School.